Management Board


Dr Ali Akbar Nasiri,

Specialist in Pain Medicine,

President of Zabol University of Medical Science.

Scientific publications:

-Studing the status of Internet Addiction among High school students in the Southeast of Iran:A descriptive study.

-Effect of Heparian on coagulation Tests:A comparison of Continuous and Bolus Infusion in Hemodialysis patients .

Tel:+98 54 3222 2069



Hossein Shahdadi,

MA Nursing,

Vice Chancellor for Research & Technology.

Scientific publications:

-Research Methodology in Nursing

-Health Status Review

-Pediatric Nursing

-Trauma,fracture and dislocation .

Tel:+ 98 54 322 30 768




Dr Zahra Sepehri,

Specialist in Internal Medicine,

Editor in chief,and Head of Publishing Group at Zabol University of Medical Sciences .

Assistant professor of Internal Medicine in Zabol University of Medical Science.

Scientific publications:

-Evaluation of outcome and tolerability of combination chemotherapy with capecitabine and oxaliplatin as first line therapy in advanced gastric cancer.

-Serum Selenium Status in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Control Group.

-Burden of Hepatitis C on Patients with Thalassemia.

-Antifungal effects of the aqueous and ethanolic leaf extracts of Echinophora platyloba and Rosmarinus officinalis.

-Toll-Like receptor 2 and type 2 diabetes.

-Antifungal effects of the extract of the Withania somnifera on Candida albicans.

-Antifungal effects of the aqueous and ethanolic leaf extracts of Echinophora platylobaand Rosmarinus officinalis.


Tel:+98 543 22 30 770




Dr Kaveh Tabrizian

Doctorate in Pharmacy(Pharm. D) .

Assistant professor at department of pharmacology and toxicology,faculty of pharmacy,Zabol University of medical sciences.

A member of editorial board at Zabol University of Medical Sciences . 

Scientific publications:

-Protective effects of chronic lithium treatment against spatial memory retention deficits induced by the protein kinase AII inhibitor H-89 in rats.

-Post-training intrahippocampal infusion of nicotine-bucladesine combination cause a synergistic enhancement effect on spatial memory retention in rats.

-A time course analysis of systemic administration of aqueous licorice extract on spatial memory retention in rats.

-Time course effects of lithium administration on spatial memory acquisition and cholinergic marker expression in rats.

-Low dose morphine enhances morphine antinociception effects in the animals pretreated with selective and non-selective phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

Tel: +98 915 686 3834

Email: K_Tabrizian2005@Yahoo.Com
Dr Mahdi Afshari
MD,PhD of Epidemiology.
Assistant professor of Epidemiology at ZBMU.
A member of Institute for future Studies in health,Kerman university of medical Sciences,Kerman,Iran .
Research Activities:
-The trend of governmental support from post-graduated Iranian students in medical fields to Study abroad(IJPH).
-Quality of life related to health in the elderly or rural health care centers .
-Competing Risk Analysis of patients with end-stage renal disease(Electronic Physician) .
Tel: +98 54 3 2235 299
Dr Mostafa Heydari Majd
Pharm.D from Tabriz University of Medical Science.
Research assistant School of Pharmacy,Zabol university of medical science,Zabol,Iran.  
Assistant professor of ZBMU.
Scientific publications:
-Targeted Fluoromagnetic Nanoparticles for Imaging of Breast Cancer MCF-7 Cells.
-Gene expression studies of MCF-7 cell line treated with mitoxantronecoated

magnetic nanoparticles.

-Synthesis and characterization of anticancer drug loaded magnetic nanoparticles composed of poly ethylene glycol and folic acid.
-Studies of the flower oil of Acacia Chegerd plant from Sarbaz.
-Synthesis, Determination of physicochemical properties and cytotoxicity study of Mitoxantrone loaded magnetic nanoparticles.
A team member of Editorial Board of I.J.B.S.M
Tel:+98 54 3 2253 527

Dr Hakim Azizi

Parasitology,PhD, from Tehran University of Medical Science .

-Director of Research at Zabol University of Medical Science.

-A member of Editorial Staff at International Journal of Basic Science in Medicine.

-Assistant Professor of Parasitology at ZBMU.

Scientific publications:

-Anatomical(Descriptive) answer sheet of Parasitology in 2012.

-Head Lice Infestation Among Primary School Children and Related Risk Factors in Urmia, the Main City of West Azarbayjan, Iran.

-Evaluation of Adjuvant Activity of Alum-naltrexone Mixture on Efficacy of Complete Plasmodiumberghei Blood Stage Vaccine Balb/c Mice .

-Experimental Life Cycle of Hypoderaeum conoideum (Block, 1872) Diez, 1909(Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) Parasite from the North of Iran .

Tel: +98 912 421 3925


Mahmoud Anbari,
Bachelor of Social Science Research.
Director responsible for research at ZBMU.
A team member at Academic Publication Office of ZBMU.
Email: M.Anbari91@Gmail.Com
Hamed Roshangar,
Bachelor of International Relations,
A team member at academic Publication office of ZBMU.
Email: HamedRoshangar66@Gmail.Com
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